Positive Tuesdays: Week Seven.

Hello! Yep, I missed another week didn’t I so let’s start a fresh, let’s not focus on the weeks I missed. This is now week 7 okay, but it’s probably 7 and 8 I don’t know…I’M CONFUSED, JUST IGNORE ALL OF THAT. 
The past couple of weeks haven’t been my best mentally, I’ll be honest. I won’t lie and say I’ve been a radiant ball of positivity because I really haven’t. I’ve been having a tough time, questioning a lot of things but I’m figuring it out or at least trying. I’ll get back on my feet, I always manage to even when it seems impossible. If I’ve done it before I can do it again and that’s what I’m aiming to do. 
So my good little things that have happened are that I went home last weekend and that was really lovely, I loved seeing my mum, dad, brother and his fiancé. We went out for dinner and stuff, my dad treated me to a few bits (which was unnecessary but it was really lovely of him, I think he’d missed me…I missed him too!) Although when I was at home I kinda couldn’t wait to return to university, I think I went home a little too early although my inner home sickness wanted to go home in reality I should’ve probably left it a little longer. But I’m seeing my mum and dad next week here in London so that’ll be nice! 
When I returned back to London I had a couple of clueless nights out, you know those ones where you wake up the next day and it’s like you were in a bubble all night and you remember nothing – AWFUL, DON’T DRINK KIDS IT’S BAD, SO BAD. And I also went on Barclays bikes at 2am and it was cool as hell.
I also have plans to see my favourite Aussies, 5 Seconds of Summer this month too aaaah yeah, the happiness returns. 
OHHHH and Autumn has returned, October is here (but I’m going to be making a post about that soon so…) but that’s made me super, super happy holy moly. 
So yeah, I’ve got things to be happy about, do you?! How has your week been? Please let me know below in the comments, I’d really love to hear! 


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