Hi guys, gonna get serious on this mother. I will always say mental illness is one of the most important talking points, to keep it alive and don’t let it slide under the carpet because it’s important that people get better.

About a month ago I started to process of finally getting better, I’m still having to fight certain aspects of it like the food etc, but all in all I’m just simply getting better. I’m finally starting to feel okay in every day life, it feels weird and new because really I’m not used to feeling okay. I spent so much time being sad that I forgot what it was like to spend a day simply feeling okay.

I somewhat feel like my mind was fighting with me to not get better all this time and to stay living within the diagnosis of depression and stuff. To stay being miserable and hating life everyday but now I’ve finally started to kick it all away and I AM RECOVERING.

I feel weird saying I’m in recovery but I am, I’m finally getting a life that I’ve let myself miss out on and I’m finally seeing the world in a different way. I haven’t had half as many days where I just want to lay in bed in silence since I started the process. That’s so weird for me because those days would occur so often, more and more so as time went on. But I don’t want to give in to that anymore.

I’m still struggling in certain ways but I’m hoping my inner strength will help me get through that and the amazing support of my family and friends.

Choose to recover because it is the best thing in the world. Make this year the year you leave that life behind and get the one back that you deserve.

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