Rest in Peace, Peaches. X

I really wanted to write the best post I could on the tragic passing of the beautiful, Peaches Geldof. However, anything I write could never give her any of the justice she deserves, I could never fully portray how much of a beautiful mother she was to her adorable little children, I could never explain how influential she was to people for her desire to support co-parenting, I could never express how she inspired so many people in their fashion choices. I just don’t have that power.

But I can say that being someone who went on her Instagram every single day to view photos and videos of her perfect little family was and WILL always be a joy. Peaches came across as a warm hearted person, (she had attitude and I loved that too, I’m sure many others did also!) She grew up in the public eye and that’s the magic of the media, it makes us feel like we know people on a personal level and for me the past year or so that has been the case with Peaches Geldof, I’ve never felt this way about a well known personalities death before. I’m truly shocked. I’m heartbroken for her little baby boys, her loving husband and the rest of her family. It’s a real shame, a tragedy. I watched her videos and the way she spoke to her children with love in her tone really is something beautiful.

To lose such a lovely woman is the biggest shame, she will be missed. This news just broke me tonight because it’s so unexpected, we never expect these things and when they happen you feel a personal great loss even though none of us actually knew Peaches, but like I said – that’s the power of the media. Many celebrities have paid tribute to her on social networking sites and she will be dearly missed.

Please, from this tragic news let it show you that life should not be taken for granted because it could be gone just like that. Life is precious.

May she Rest in Peace.

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