Rome 2016!

Hello everyone! 

It’s been almost 2 months since myself and Ryan went away to Rome, we go to Dublin next week so it felt right to FINALLY do a post about it! 
It was incredible, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been with the absolute love of my life. It was just perfect. The weather was sweet, maybe even too hot. The food was bloody incredible oh my god, don’t, I am still mourning the loss of the Italian pizza when I eat a disappointing pizza from England. Sigh, forever in my heart. The landmarks were just insane, honestly the whole place just blew my mind. I don’t understand how the buildings were made so many years ago, it was just amazing! 
So, we started off going to Heathrow. Ryan does not like tubes but we were getting the train and tubes, HE NEARLY DID NOT GET ON THE TUBE. I am still traumatised, a lady on the tube gasped and we looked at each other through the window like this is the end. It was so dramatic, should’ve been a TV show. All was well though, he got on. Our flight was then delayed so we went to a restaurant and just chilled for hours and hours with both our anxiety levels rising because we both don’t like flying, what a mare. 
Ryan being mis because of the delayed flight, the viewing platform and me having an air pee lolz.

Okay, so we got to Rome and we got pushed into a Taxi…there was already a man in the taxi. Why? Was this a thing? Apparently so when another man got in. It was so bloody weird, and then the taxi driver started to drive while on his phone, looking at a map, just being a fuckin nut nut it was crazy. No one warned us about the crazy drivers! 

Day 1 we walked to the Colosseum and wow, in-fucking-sane, I still can’t believe it. How?! HOOWWOWOWOWOWOw. 
Our walk to the Colosseum and the ruins around the area! 

When then walked to the Piazza Venezia, and that was just so huge and crazy. It was white, was I in heaven? Maybz. 

Also, we spent about €17 on GELATO. Okay, we knew it may be pricey but after that it did not cost that much. I think we were mugged off, but it was worth it right?
Evening with Pizza and Gelato!
At a cute fountain outside the Piazza Venezia

Day 2 we went off to the Trevi Fountain! It was gorgeous, it was the one thing I was super stoked to go and do. We also went to the Spanish Steps but they were shut…the steps were shut? Yeah. Anyway, the whole area around there was so Italian. The shops, everything. We looked around the shops, got asked to come into so many cafes, not today thank u. It was lovely, then we had dinner on Gay Street which turned out to be our favourite street to have dinner on and it was beauts, another pizza obvz. Then we went and saw the Colosseum at night and wow, nothing like it. 

Beauts Day! 

Day 3 we went to the Vatican and Vatican City. So the Vatican Museums were insane, like there was too much stuff everywhere on the walls on the ceiling on the floor in my FACE. It was incredible and I’ll never experience anything like that again. We also climbed up 500+ steps almost facing our death to see the view of Vatican City, and it was unreal. Worth the pain of the 500+ steps and seeing Ryans whole being sweat and almost die. We went to the T-Bone Station that night too, not very Italian but Ry has always wanted a T-Bone Steak and he looked v proud of himself for destroying it. 

Part 1 of the Vatican, all those beautiful ceilings! 

Part 2 of the day, that view and Ry with his T-Bone.

So our last full day we went to see the Pantheon, just in the middle of a little place and the history behind places like this as I said before was just blowing my mind. It was great. We also went and saw the Piazza Navona and it was like the Covent Garden of Rome in my opinion. That night we had dinner with the view of the Colosseum again and we finished fairly early so off we went to the Ice Bar! It was so cold (obviously, duh) but so bloody funny, me and Ry had already had a bottle of wine with dinner then we were the only two in there and we were just having such a laugh. It is now one of my favourite memories with Ryan! 

More Pizza I love myself. 

Of our titties in the Ice Bar
And that was that, the next day we went home and now I have all these new memories with my love and I can’t wait for the next adventure next week to Dublin! 
Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! 


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    Loving your pictures, I really want to visit Italy some day, it looks so gorgeous, Hope you had the best time! You have a really wonderful blog, keep up your amazing work gorgeous gal! x

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