Saturday Is Near.

I’ve been here almost my whole life, Saturday comes and I’ll be looking at a completely different view. I used to love familiarity, I used to love walking around my estate and going by places I played when I was a kid but it’s now all a bit too familiar, I don’t think I was put on Earth to stay in the same town forever, I think I was put on this Earth to travel and make the most of my life. This change is going to be good. I’ll be spending 3 years in London, my favourite city. I’ll come home and look at this boring view occasionally, but I’m excited to swap this view for the view of London. I must stay positive and realise that this is an amazing step for me. 2 years ago I would never get on a bus on my own, walk into shops…anything. Come Saturday I will be doing life all on my own (with my mum just on the other side of a phone in case of any potential breakdowns or confusion when I want to cook some food). But let’s do this, I’m Shannon and I’m no longer Little Shannon, the girl who was frightened of leaving a bubble I’ve been kept in all my life, I am now just Shannon…the girl who is finally chasing a dream.


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