Small Acts Of Kindness.

Hiiiiii, how are you? Good I hope.

I received a couple of things this week that made me really, really smile. It made me so happy that people want to make sure you’re okay, they want to put a smile on your face and think about you for a moment. I mean I would never want someone to focus their time and attention on me but just a few words can really make your day.
Someone anonymously sent me this the other day on Tumblr and I was like woah… what a lovely person.
They wished me all the happiness in the world, but I wish them all the happiness in the world. Why? Because they took the time to construct a nice little paragraph to make me stop being sad for a little while, they didn’t have to, but they did. How nice is that? 
Another thing was sent by my flat mate Joe. 
It reminded me how lucky I am to have met such lovely, kind hearted people over the past few months who accept my little problems and want to help me. They always check if I’m okay, they don’t have to but they do and I really am super thankful for that and if I could repay them in the right way I totally would but right now the only thing I can provide is the odd foods here and there (doritos are always on the cards LADZ) ((and that’s always good right?))
The whole point of this was to express how nice it is to have beautiful people in the world. Someone completely random could pop up out of the blue one day and make your day 1% better and that’s better than nothing. That’s really lovely and I think genuinely nice people who want to make others lives better are highly unappreciated and I would like to say right now that I appreciate you

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