That Wedding Speech.

It is possibly the most beautiful and most thoughtful thing I have ever heard. Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech. It’s gone viral on YouTube and I’m so happy it has because he’s getting so much recognition for something we he put so much effort into. It just shows that he is a really lovely guy to even think for a second of doing something like that.

The speech went on for nearly 15 minutes in which he sung to his ushers, the best men, the bridesmaids, his parents, his mother and father-in-law and finally his wife, Giovanna. I have to say, I was in tears throughout as it was just so lovely.

In just a few days it has got almost 4 million views, which is just crazy but it’s what a lot of people are talking about on Twitter and saying how much of a great man Tom is.

It’s just beautiful but it’s also a bit depressing as no man will ever do that for your average girl…oh.

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