The Fault In Our Stars…(my tears on the cinema floor drowning everyone)

Last night I finally saw The Fault In Our Stars. Now, I read the book a few months ago and it was the first book I had read in a very long time but I was drawn to it because everyone had hyped it up so much. I didn’t want to like it just because everyone else did, I didn’t go into it with that mindset, I went into it thinking it would be okay (okay? hahahhaha okay bye). I highly underestimated it because throughout I found myself being moved in ways I never had been before simply by beautiful words written on a page. The story and imagination put across by John Green was just something else. Then this film was coming out and you could hear the hearts of thousands shattering across the world – hugely anticipated!

Please, when they say you need a lot of tissues they are not wrong. The book, of course, made me cry but this was another level of crying, I left with a cry headache, puffy eyes and a nose like Rudolph…all the things most attractive in a girl.

This movie had to be the most beautiful and moving thing I have ever seen. Crying from the first ‘Okay’. It is EXACTLY like the book, great justice had been achieved and I think 99% of fans of the book would agree with that. The love shown between Hazel and Augustus is radiating – one of the most epic love stories that a generation will treasure forever. Hats off to all of the actors in the film but I feel a lot of people were expecting Gus to be portrayed just perfectly and in my opinion Ansel Elgort did it just right. I fell in love with Gus in a book form and now in a physical form and my heart hurts.

It seemed to hit me, it made me want to go home and forget about the things that trouble me daily. Even though this novel is fictional, there ARE people who are suffering from terminal illnesses and try to get on with life and appreciate it as the characters in this story do. We all have demons, I sure do. Daily demons that never seem to frick off, pulling me in and not letting me go but this movie has made me want to pull myself away and see the beautiful world around me again. Embrace life for what it is because the characters do that so well. Find love, appreciate that just like they do. Live the life you’ve been given because it can be snatched away in a heart beat. Hazel and Gus don’t dwell on their cancer, they live and love and isn’t that a beautiful message?

I feel like this movie might have this kind of affect on many people, to push them to appreciate what they have even though sometimes you can’t control the nasty thoughts in your head you can choose to get help to sort it out and love your life once again!

Thank you John Green for creating such a beautiful, inspiring novel which will live on for a long, long time.

‘It’s a good life.’

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