The Power Of Reality TV

Reality television is so far from reality 90% of the time. Sometimes we speculate whether some of the situations people in such shows like Big Brother are genuine or made purely for ‘entertainment’. The people who take part in these shows, who are mainly celebrities, sometimes act up to the cameras just to make themselves be on air even more – they do it for an effect. But why do we get so drawn into their lives? Why do we spend an hour a night when shows like I’m A Celebrity and Big Brother are on, watching these people live their lives in a confined area? We wouldn’t peak through the window of our neighbours, so why do we take such an interest in these shows?

Over the years we’ve probably been somewhat brainwashed by the entertainment that is given by these shows. There’s always a time when the show is just so awful that everyone who watches complains and says “I’m not watching this anymore” but, the next night they’ll be on Twitter talking about the same thing.

Why is it when shows like the X Factor are on, individuals claim the show is a ‘fix’ when the person who is most hated by the public gets through and their favourite doesn’t? Surely it cannot always be a fix. Maybe a show like that has never been a fix and it’s all just because we wanted our favourite to go through and it’s just not right that they haven’t. That shows how engrossed some people get with these shows.

Reality TV becomes one of the biggest talking points around when a series is on, so without it what would a lot of people talk about? Obviously there is a number of people who don’t actually spend their time watching a bunch of people (mainly Z-Listers, let’s face it) do, well…nothing, but it’s still a big part of society nowadays and maybe it’ll begin to sink or perhaps it will just get bigger and bigger.

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