The Vamps At Number One.

There is a band that is about to take over the hearts of teenage girls all around the country if they haven’t done so already – The Vamps.

4 boys, Brad, James, Tristan and Connor, this week released their first single ‘Can We Dance’ and have reached the number 1 spot in the mid-week charts. Crazy for a new band to do that but with their impressive fanbase on Twitter it really is no surprise! 
They started their time as a band on YouTube uploading covers as a threesome at first and then Connor joined the boys and here they are today, releasing singles and are about to take the music scene by storm. To me they remind me of a young McFly and I’ve watched McFly grow since the start, they just have that kind of vibe which is special. They seem to have a good bond together which is necessary for any success in a band. They have spent the year supporting people (McFly, Selena Gomez) and performing for shows during the summer and at festivals but by this time next year without a doubt they will have probably sold out their own tour. 
I can see big things happening for these boys and I am a big fan, any band that makes good music and can make me laugh is a good enough band for me! They really are something special…I can feel it. 
Buy their single ‘Can We Dance’ on iTunes now and help keep them at the top spot this Sunday! (There’s also versions from each of the band members that you might wanna check out too – sick!) 

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