Things I’ve Learned From My Mum

It’s Mothers Day, a day to appreciate everything your mum has ever done for  you – although this should be a daily thing! Here are a few things I’ve learnt over the years.

1 – How to be a fighter!

My mum is the biggest fighter I know, everything she goes through on a daily basis with her illness is crazy but here she is still fighting. She is the strongest person I know and it gives me the strength to continue with the problems I have. Without her strength there to inspire me I don’t know what I would do.

2 – How to be cool as fuck.

My mum is the coolest person I know, she likes punk music, she is the most laid back mum and listens to Slipknot on a Sunday morning. Me, her and my brother all went to see Linkin Park together soon, who even does that as a family outing!? If I was half as cool as her I’d be balling.

3 – How to cook mac n cheese.

That’s all I really need to know, AM I RIGHT?! YES.

4 – That she was a much bigger catch than I ever will be.

The stories she tells me from her teenage years make me slightly envious because she had really cool boyfriends…I had a boyfriend once. Lolz. But thanks for choosing my dad though, he’s aite.

5 – How to literally do anything because mums CAN DO ANYTHING.

If I said to my mum “how do I wrap this present while cooking a meal while being on the phone while sorting out world peace?” my mum would PROBZ know the answer, mums can do everything…how?! They just know how to do everything, weird, that’s some alien shit.

That’s just a few little things, I hope you’re all having a beauts Mothers Day with your mums! Or with anyone in your family for that matter.

Bye-ya. x

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