Tips for Moving Out.

Hello you little beans,
As you know I have recently moved out, 4 weeks today to be exact! It’s a massive thing, like I’ve left my mum and dad and abandoned my dogs. It’s not quite that dramatic I just fuckin’ miss my dogs. Anyway, it’s huge and there’s some things you should prepare for before you make the big step so I thought I’d stick my little nose in and help a bit! Here’s some tips, enjoy! 
Discuss (relevant if you’re moving out with another person):
Make sure you’re on the same page and it is what you both want. Moving out is HUGE, you’re about to share your entire life with someone else make sure it’s what you want and what they want. Make sure you’re willing to share your items, your mentality and your annoying habits with another human lollllzzzzzz.
Look at your money and future bills:
Prep in this area is key, work out what you earn monthly and the bills that need to go out (council tax, gas, electric, water, to license, television and Internet, food, petrol, mobile phones, etc, etc) ((FYI, it’s a fuck tonne)) – make sure you have money to spare? Luckily we worked out that we can live comfortably and enjoy our money so sorting this out is so important to know what the future can hold for you.
To get a joint account or to not get a joint account:
For me and my boyfriend it was so much easier to go this way. We did this months ago before we were even in the house because it was simply easier to save. If you trust the other person and are happy to share even this part of your life then go for it. This takes me on to the next point….
Save everything you can, it’s better to have more than not enough. We started saving in around November last year and we may have used some of that money for leisurely things like holidays but we also had enough when we had planned to move out (August) and everything went to plan! Just every month put a bit away and it all adds up and is actually such a great feeling to know you’ve got all of this money together yourself.
Buy in advance:
All the little bits and pieces you need for you house actually turns into a lot of bloody stuff. You forget about a sieve but who knew a sieve was actually really necessary?! Get together lots of bits, look in sales and whenever you go to a shop just pick something up! It all adds up and you’ll move into your new home as prepared as you can be! Although you’ll find that you’re missing something as soon as you need it. I recommend supermarkets for home stuff more than anywhere else! 
Do not rush:
There’s no need to rush, make sure you’re ready to fly the nest, to leave your mothers womb and cut the umbilical cord. It’s huge, it’s emotional and sometimes lonely. It is what you make it and if you’re ready it’ll be one of the best times of your life.
File stuff:
Buy a big file from Staples or any other stationary store and put all of your bills/important documents in there. You’re going to get a lot! So whenever you need to they are easily accessible and you won’t get in a mare on the phone to the gas man. 
To rent or not to rent:
Are you in a stable position financially? Do you see yourself in that house for the next 10 years? No? Then rent. Where’s the harm in starting off small and building up as you get older and wiser. I’m so happy we’ve decided to rent, no way on this earth would I get a mortgage wrapped around my neck at this age. I want to see houses and move and see new places, I’ll get a mortgage when I’m fully financially stable and have a family! Although this is personal preference completely but it’s a fucking huge decision that only you can make. 
Don’t nag each other:
Did he not wash up properly? Did he not clean the toilet? Don’t bite his head off. (This is a personal message to me) it’ll all fall into place! You’ve brought your habits from one home to another, it’ll take time to get used to one another’s company constantly. We’ve been here 4 weeks and I’m learning new things about my lad every day, and sometimes I want to rip my head off but I love his ways. 
And that’s that for todays post, have you seen my new layout?! Holy moly, I feel all grown up now lads. 


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