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Once again I’ve been so disgustingly unmotivated to write anything on this blog that I’ve abandoned it 5eva. A lot has happened since I left university and when I say left I mean permanently which leaves me thinking about the future…

Okay, so here I am a University drop out. Where is my band to start singing around me like on Grease when the chick is a beauty school drop out? Or because I went to a painfully average London university do I not get the privilege?!

All year I spent my time wondering if being at university was the right thing for me, I had THE best time. If you read my blog, know me, follow me on any form of social media you will know this. I made the most amazing friends from all over the world/country, had some mad nights, got to explore London on my one women treks around the city and fell in love with the city all over again. But that’s not why I moved there primarily, I moved there to start earning a degree… a degree which I quickly lost interest in. All my life I’ve wanted to be in the entertainment/journalism industry, so off I went to study a course I thought I would love – instead I was left all year losing my passion for the career I’d longed after for so long. That makes me sad. I’m sad that the passion went and I’m sad that I don’t have it in me anymore to complete a degree, I feel LIKE A TOTAL BUM.

But so, so, so many people are the same and don’t continue with their studies after the first year, a lot even drop out during! Which I wanted to do so many times but was encouraged to stay. It makes me feel okay knowing that it’s normal and fine to not want to be at university. Unfortunately, our generation is force fed the thought that to succeed we need to go to uni but really that isn’t the case and I hope and pray that I find my way. I’m currently super lost in a part time temp job, I really want to discover the right path for me and I’m nervous, so very nervous. The big world of being an adult is scary lolzzzz.

What else has happened since I left university…I turned 20, yuck, boring (need to change my blog layout and sidebar, no longer a 19 year old student in London)

I got a little puppy named Sid, I like to think of him as me in dog form – a bit odd and a midget.

I got a boyf lol, the boy I have ‘luvved’ since I was 14 and dumped him 5 times over 10 months as I was a confused, naive child who didn’t know how to deal with having a boy dig her. SO THAT’S INTERESTING INIT. 
Nothing else of any interest has /really/ happened in the last few months that has changed my life…on the mental health side of things I am now at a clinic to sort my eating out and it’s super scary but I’ll get there. My life is looking up so much, a puppy, a boi, no more education, all I need is a job to get me going and I’ll be set.
I shan’t be giving up hope on finding my way, it’s scary and there’s so many people who have probably hit a wall in knowing what they want in life and I’m sure they too have found their way.
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