Hey everyone,

Oh me here again with more excuses as to why I haven’t posted in a trillion years – I have many. I’ve moved house! I’VE ACTUALLY MOVED OUT. Myself and my boyfriend, Ryan moved out into our first little home together. It’s so sweet, I am planning on doing a homeware post (am obsessed with homeware, have been since I left the womb – after I made that place all cosy of course.)

I’ve been working at the same job I’ve been working at since October, still there, still loving life :———————-) take from the long ass smiley face what you will.

Finally, I’ve still been struggling with…stuff. I did one post on my Cognitive Analytical Therapy journey, ONE. I’m now on about session 12 out of 16 and I haven’t posted any updates. How am I doing? Okay. I like the therapy and I like my therapist. That is really something I never thought I would be able to say. I’m going to miss my therapist when it comes to the inevitable end.

She is there to listen and help me grow and I am confused as to what I am supposed to do without her. I know I have loads of people around me, but she knows and she understands to the very smallest pieces of the problems. She helps me understand the problems myself that I didn’t even fully get in the first place.

We’ve gone back to my childhood, pieces that could have contributed to the anxieties I have had for the majority of my life. It all makes sense, why do I have health anxiety? Perhaps the multiple hospital trips and operations traumatised me a bit and they’re always at the back of my mind.

Ever since I can remember I have been terrified of needles, not tattoo needles though I’ll have them poked in my skin anyday BUT IF YOU’RE TAKING BLOOD FROM ME I’LL LET OUT A NUG. I will never be a fan!

I’ve lived with health anxiety for a large number of years, the fear of dying is my biggest and it really is where I end up almost everyday when my anxieties get too month. One thing leads to another and it goes back there. I have a good day, feel I don’t deserve it, oh what is that pain in my head?! It must be a brain tumour let’s forget about the great day we’ve had and focus on that instead. Logical.

I have never felt like I deserve good things, I’ve no idea why. I moved into this house last week and two days later was full of dread and sadness, why the frick?! I was doing the thing I’ve wanted forever with the boy I’ve wanted forever but oh no, it’s time to feel like crap about yourself.

Food, oh food. Where did the eating disorder start? Was it related to my low self esteem that probably stemmed from a problem I had inside my cheek when I was younger?! Maybe, it makes sense after all.

It all makes sense, I’ve been able to make sense of things for once and I can’t wait to be fully able to do this and take all of the skills and tools I’ve been given at CAT and use them in my life everyday.

I can’t wait for the day my recovery comes to an end, when I can say I’m no longer in recovery for I am recovered. Recovered from the eating disorder, depression and all the bloody anxiety. I can’t wait and I’m so willing to keep trying my very best.

I love me and all of the hard work I do and I hope anyone else doing the same thing feels the same. You deserve that much.

I’ll be back shortly to do a homeware post so keep your eyes peeled!

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