Valentines Day Alternatives

Valentines day is approaching, I’m 18 years old and I am yet to spend a Valentines Day with a boy so to me the whole point is overrated and weird, but I’m sure that would be different if I wasn’t a future, lonely dog lady – please God, I pray that doesn’t happen…like seriously, please do not let that happen!

I’m sure there are many of you out there who are in the same boat as me, the 14th February comes along and you’re on your tod just sat in your house while romantic couples around the world are sharing their love with each other over a candlelit meal at some restaurant they would probably never go to on any other day. BUT US? WHAT CAN WE POSSIBLY DO ON SUCH A DAY?! Well, here are some Valentines Day alternatives for those who are just ‘waiting for the right one’.

You could order a massive pizza and just eat it all on your own because who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend when there is pizza in the world? Pizza is the next best thing to romance, possibly even THE best thing full stop. We could just stuff our faces and perhaps an hour or so later we could cry about the fact we are alone and not only alone, but full of pizza and not full of love.

On the topic of the worlds beloved pizza, instead of taking pictures with your loved one on Valentines Day you could just make edits of the Pizza Hut logo with the Bleach London app, because who needs to make cute faces and look all loved up when you could spend your valuable time doing pointless stuff like this?!

Or we could go on a nice walk and clear our minds of all the negativity and remember that one day we might even spend a walk on Valentines Day with someone we love – but not this one, because we are ALONE.

If you’re me you could celebrate that on  Valentines Day it has been one whole year since Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer followed you on Twitter, because that’s better than any real relationship am I right ladies, am I right?! (No, no I am not right.)

Maybe we could just lay on the floor and cry, I mean that sounds like fun doesn’t it?

In all seriousness we could just treat it as any other day, but all of the above sound a lot more appealing. Let us embrace the loneliness.

Happy soon to be Valentines Day everyone, HEY it’s like 24 days away, that’s still quite a lot of time to find someone? HA NO, not really. We will probably still be as alone as we are right now. HAVE A GOOD ONE!

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