Valentines Day Is Approaching!

Hiiiiii guys, it’s that time of year again where all the loners of the world come together to spit on everyone in luv, I feel you – not really, I’m not bothered at all and definitely DID NOT practically beg for someone to send me a V-tines day card the other night when I was very merry, definitely not.

Last year I did a post about all the things you could do as an alternative to being with someone on Valentines day which you can read here! But this year I’m going to make you even more emo and look at some marriage proposal videos lolzzz.

The lovely people over at Two Little Fleas contacted me with a whole bunch of marriage proposals that’ll make you super emo that no one is proposing to you at this very moment. Check them out down below if you please and wallow in self pity, just like we love to do at this time of year.

View original version (via Two Little Fleas).

Personally, my favourite is number 10 because it’s crazy cheesy and I’m laughing so hard right now. (I’m so sorry)

Which one is your favourite?

I’d quite like to be proposed to with a pizza and a bottle of pepsi max but that’s an absolute lie I hope the guy goes all out and it’s super magical but I’ll keep waiting.

Have a v merry Valentines day next week!

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