Watch them succeed.

From being five individual artists on the X Factor, to being the biggest boy band in the world – One Direction have been on the most amazing journey ever.

This week they had the greatest opportunity in their career so far, to perform on the ‘worlds most famous stage’ at Madison Square Garden in New York. Now, if you are a One Direction fan or not you have to admit how well they have done for themselves, doing a lot more in just 2 years than most 18 to 20 year old’s can do in a life time. They really are inspirations.

Yes, I am being totally biased towards their success but you cannot fault them. What can you say that is wrong about their rise to fame? They’ve simply been themselves and with a bit of luck, they’ve managed to become the biggest thing to hit the Earth within this current generation. Everyone in 20 years time will be able to think back to these years and remember who they were, what they did, how their little sisters cried in their rooms about them every night (I swear I don’t do that) and how they were pretty much a household name.

They are honestly the five most genuine boys, I obviously don’t know them personally – if I did, would I really be sat on my bed listening to ‘More Than This’? No, I would probably be out there having a cheeky Tuesday night drink with Harry. But, carrying on…if you watch interviews with the boys you can just tell they’re having the time of their lives and they don’t take it for granted at all. Their tweets always show how happy they are to do a big show, like the MSG show on Monday night for example, Niall tweeted “Wow, madison square garden,thank you soo much! It was the best night of our lives! Thank you thank you thank you !” now is that the tone of a very happy teenage boy or what?

They’ve truly taken over the world, their world tour next year is madness, how many artists do you know in the business who can sell out 117 shows? One Direction can do that for sure.

I really can’t wait for the years to come with these boys, I know I’m going to be one of them really sad 30 year old women who takes her children to gigs just because she likes them, you know the mums who take their children to see Take That…you know. I will be her.


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