We Have So Much Precious Time.

I’m not sure what really triggered this thought but isn’t it strange how when were little we didn’t properly understand the concept of time, we didn’t see things as being months and months away, or days away, we probably just took every day as it came and every day just felt the same.

You would spend 6 weeks in the summer off school and when you’re little it feels like an eternity, you’d spend it playing in your bedroom and it would be the best time. Then you grow up and time starts to feel more and more precious, days start to pass quickly, quicker than even months felt when we were younger.

Time is a very strange concept and it’s horrible to waste it really. Let’s all return to the mentality we once had, make the good times feel like they’re lasting forever because that’s just really nice.

(I’ve been posting quite a lot recently about life and all that, life is just all that’s on my mind really and how I must learn to treasure it and that’s exactly what I am doing) 

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