Welcome to Blogmas! – BLOGMAS DAY 1

Hey everyone! 

It’s happening, I haven’t done this since 2014 and I’ve hardly blogged this year at all – silly me. I am here and I am full of Christmas spirit, I’m ready to eat all of the mince pies, watch all of the films and wrap ALL of the presents (Dan cannot wrap presents). 

What is in store for Blogmas 2018 I hear you ask? Well I’ve got some fun little gift guides for you, Christmas baking, some takes on Mental Health at Christmas time, a look at the last year and what to look forward to in 2019.

2018 has been a big, fun, strange and scary year so let’s see what we have to reflect on.

I am super excited for this so please join me and let’s have a merry old time! 

Shannon x 

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