What am I grateful for? – BLOGMAS DAY 11

Hey everyone! 

I always speak about how important gratitude is to me and especially at this time of year, you reflect on what has happened and how you’ve managed to get through things. For that, I show gratitude. 

In life I am grateful for many things, here are just a few: 


In what has been a hard year for my family, they’ve still all been there at the hardest time and as a family we have managed to get through everything together. Love has grown and bad times are replaced with this love and laughs. In the worst of times we build each other up and for that I am forever grateful. I am grateful for the house my parents have put over my head for 23 years and letting me come back when things in life haven’t turned out right. I am grateful that my brother has always been my best friend and that he has brought my gorgeous nephew into my life to help my love and confidence to care for someone grow. 

I am beyond grateful to have my family, today, tomorrow and forever. 

me, my nephew and dan


Love is so important to me so to be in love with this special human means the world to me. I’ve spoken about how much he’s helped me grow as a person a billion times but god, I am so grateful for his existence. Without him the past 2 years would have gone a very different way because he picks me up the best he can, he wants to help me grow for our future together. He is incredible and I am so grateful for his love. 


A few stand out – of course – but I am very lucky and grateful to have so many supportive friends in my life. Not everyone holds onto friends they made when they were little once they leave high school, luckily I did and for that I am so grateful. As we grow and we spend less time together the time we do means so much more as adults building our lives. It’s great to see everyone grow. 


I’ve had a bunch of counsellors in my life but this year I had to go private because it was just time to take control myself. I met my therapist and he helped me to try and change my life. Through ups and downs I am so grateful to have found him, that he let me see life in a different way. Even though I am still having bad times they are less frequent than before. For that I am grateful. 


I am super grateful for the creative blood that flows through me, I hadn’t ever touched on it when I was young but as I grow I try to be creative everyday. It makes me feel great and like I’m spending my time more productively than before.


As simple as that, I am grateful for life and for the things it is due to bring to me. 

What are you grateful for? Let me know and have a great 11th day of Blogmas! 

Shannon x 


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