What Did I Learn In 2013?


2013 was a crazy as hell year, we saw Miley Cyrus and her tongue many, MANY times, McBusted became a thing, Robin Thicke was very creepy, a future king was born and One Direction continued to take over the world. But that’s all well and good, I could talk about all them points but you’ve been hearing about them all year long!

2013 for me? It was the best year of my life as you can read about in my last post! This year started off really bad, I had a bad spell of anxiety from Christmas day 2012 right through to about April and I hit many lows during that time, visited counsellors and all sorts and even though I was doing fun things in that time I just couldn’t fight the sadness and hard times my mind was putting me through.

As the year went on I just hit a point and that’s when I started to help myself, bring myself out of the depression and anxiety and learned how to be happy.

When you have depression and things like that then it just seems physically and mentally impossible to be happy, no matter what there is no getting out of it – or so it seems. But I learnt how to push away negative thoughts, I learnt how to turn negatives into positives, I LEARNT HOW TO BE HAPPY FOR NO REASON. That’s the best thing, just going to bed one day thinking ‘I don’t want to be like this anymore’ and waking up the next day with a completely different mind set. I never thought it would happen because I was so stuck in this massive pile of anxiousness and sadness but it did happen.

Sure, I still have days when I want to turn into Patrick Star from Spongebob and just live under a rock but then I remember that it won’t last forever and that tomorrow is another day, I just taught myself how to look forward to the future. I don’t know what will happen in the future? But I can just hope that something good will happen and look forward to that! I could sit around and be sad that I don’t have a job but I know that in a few months I’ll be going to university so that’s not really a problem right now. I could be sad that I don’t have a boyfriend but that’s not the end of the world, I’m only 18. These are the things that have to be put into perspective and they are what I’ve learned from.

If I can learn to be happy then anyone can, anyone can get out of the horrible ruts of mental illnesses and get better – IT IS POSSIBLE. Anything is possible. Just a little bit of positivity, motivation, support and a lot of self belief and you can do anything you want to do.

I plan to post a lot more in the new year and hopefully my blog will take off!

Have a happy new year!

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