What I’ve Learned In Semester 1 – Tips From Me To You.


Semester 1 is almost over and the past three months have been a very huge learning curve, it’s been an emotional roller coaster if I’m honest. I’ve met people, I’ve had little mental breakdowns and it’s just all been very strange – but also very good. I learnt a lot, some humorous things in fact that I’d like to share with you so heres what I have learned in the past three months and things that I simply want to pass onto you, like tips in a sense I guess? ENJOY.

1. No one knows where Suffolk is despite it being an hour and a half drive away from London. 

2. Parties.

  • Just because you have purchased Doritos and Tequila doesn’t mean it’s a Mexican party, especially when you’ve eaten the majority of the Doritos before anyone arrives.
  • Parties are v different at all unis.
  • Someone will steal your voddy but deal with it and move on.
  • If someone leaves their voddy at yours because your flat is the usual pre-drink place then it’s yours now, simple as move along.
3. Es ee ex.
  • People literally do not care if you are a V man or like to hit it whenever possible. Nobody cares, don’t worry if you’re a Virgin Mary and if you’re not Mr/Mrs V then you shouldn’t feel the need to splurge your stories over a game of Never Have I Ever – chances are nobody cares unless someone has actually asked…in that case feel free.
4. You’ll see some weird things in your life.
  • When I say this I mean there’s a chance you will be called into your flat mates room to look over at the hotel across the road to see a couple getting jiggy, you might even see a strangers bits and pieces dangling between their legs – THIS IS A THING THAT /MIGHT/ HAPPEN. 
5. Friendships.
  • Friendships will blossom from night one at university. 
  • Within a week you will have pee’d in front of your flat mates, you might even have a panic attack on the floor while your flat mate has a pee in front of you in your bathroom. 
  • Friendships will move at 100mph, you’ll go from strangers to best friends within days – it’s quite beautiful. 
  • Farting in front of your new friends is one of the biggest turning points of the whole friendship, it’s real from that moment onwards. 
6. Relationships. 
  • Boys/girls you start to dig within the first few weeks aren’t ones you need to hold onto for the whole year, you don’t need to get hooked. 
  • If you give your number to a boy out of pressure on the first night in a proper club in London then you see them on the fourth night and they’re like “aren’t you -insert name” after you’ve ignored their texts, it’s totally okay to lie and say you have no idea who they’re talking about and then run away! 
  • Your whole “I don’t kiss boys I don’t like” mentality might go out of the window, yolo, live while we’re young n all that. 
  • If you go to uni you might fancy a million and one boys BECAUSE BOYS RULE. 
7. Weird things will be done and it’s okay.
  • When I say this I mean that it’s okay if there’s no toilet roll left in the pub toilet and you use the cardboard instead. 
  • Also if you’ve chucked half a bag of Doritos in the bin in your room and the next day they’re teasing you so you get them back out and eat them. 
8. I fall over more in this city than I ever have done in my home town. 

  • Yep, I seem to have increased my clumsiness. I fell over in Urban Outfitters in super slow motion and got ‘pushed’ outside Charring Cross and it was absolutely hilarious. 
I swear half of these aren’t personal experiences, promise.
Hope you enjoyed! BYYYE SEMESTER 1. 

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