What Keeps Me Happy…

Hiiii! It’s been so long I am a poop, I lack motivation and Sims 4 exists… sigh.

I wanted to do a post about all the things that make me happy and that could maybe give you the chance to think about what could make you happy when times suck. I turn to these things when I’m having rough times so let me know what you do!

My happy box

My happy box (or hoarder box) is full of little memories I’ve collected through the years! It’s full of photos, gig tickets, train tickets, random little things like confetti from gigs too! It’s just a box full of things I can look at whenever I feel down and feel immediately happy, it’s full of lovely memories that make me feel grateful for being alive and living the life I do.
If you wanted to make one just find an old shoe box, gift box, or anything and just fill it with tickets and anything that makes you happy! 
I want to also make a happy go to box full of a nice DVD, nice sweets, etc. That I can go to on proper poop days.
Colouring books

When I feel bored and overwhelmed with boredom I go to the colouring books, the trusty little colouring books. You can obviously get these everywhere because they’re so popular right now! I don’t even know why colouring is so therapeutic but it is, although I have to now buy books where the shapes aren’t tiny because that stresses me THE FRICK OUT.

I can’t help but spend hours on end on YouTube watching absolute crap, it’s just something that keeps my mind going when I need it. 
Hanging out with my friends and family! 

There’s nothing like it, there’s nothing like having a proper laugh with your family and friends. I love going to the weekly pub quiz with my friends, it keeps me going through the week when I know I’m going to hang out with them for a few hours at the end of it! 
So even when times are rough always know your friends and family are there to help out and make you feel way good. 
Scrapbooking/Being creative 

I don’t know what came over me but my creative mind seems to have truly taken over since I moved away. Maybe it’s because I wanted to show that I could be creative, I don’t know. But I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING, it’s so calming and makes me smile so much to look back at all the amazing memories I’ve had throughout my life.
If you want to really make yourself feel good then do a scrapbook, it’s not childish or anything it’s just lovely to have somewhere to keep all of your memories that make you feel ace.
Going for walks 

I love going for walks, simple as! I love putting my headphones in and just taking everything around me in it really makes me feel good about life… 
There you go, those are a few things that keep me happy when things are a bit sucky. What do you do?! Let me know! 
I’m going to get back on this blogging thing, just have to find the motivation somewhere! 
x x x 

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