What’s happening?


Okay, so some people will know I’m on my gap year as next year I will be heading to London to begin my dream of living in London and as a bonus I will be studying multimedia journalism with an ambition to be on television one day doing something really cool like being a showbiz reporter, that’s  the dream anyway!

But what am I doing for the next year? That’s the question. I will be looking for a job to fund my life as I really do not want to become a bum who just sits and watches Jezza K all day, although that was actually my life this summer.

I want to kick off my YouTube channel properly and regularly post on here! The thought that has been going through my mind the last few weeks is what direction am I going to take my channel and my blog? I really don’t know what to primarily focus on. When I find a job I for sure want to do reviews and possible hauls on products and clothes, but then I want to slip a bit of celebrity news in there too. So this is just a heads up to anyone who might read this (does anyone even look at my blog?)

Keep an eye out for new things, new posts, see if I actually get a job to fund the things I want to buy and talk about!


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