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Who is your soul mate?

Good evening to you all…

Well, firstly welcome to my new platform! We’ve moved over, we’ve taken the plunge, we are getting serious here aren’t we. Anyway…

In my life I have thought I’ve met my ‘soul mate’ a couple of times, was it my first ever boyfriend who I loved from the age of 14? It wasn’t. Or was it my recent ex boyfriend who I thought I’d spend forever with? It wasn’t. I don’t actually believe your soul mate is necessarily someone you are in love with, despite the idea that this is the case.

My soul mate is my best friend. Someone I spend most of my days with, someone I live with and have been joined at the hip with for over 10 years now. Ben is my soul mate and that makes perfect sense to me.

If you don’t know me, you may not know about Ben. Ben has been my best friend for so many years now and we are so close that he is my family now. I trust him with things I wouldn’t trust with anyone else, he can cheer me up when no one else can and I am truly myself around him. I can spend the day burping and farting and he doesn’t bat and eyelid (I am sorry though, I am quite foul). He has seen things no one else has seen and he probably didn’t want to see either, but we are open books and that is just the way it is.

Even now in 2020 we get the same comments from most people we meet “so has anything ever…you know…happened with you two?” – as much as I love and adore him, we’ve never looked at each other in that way. I think he would agree, the thought makes us want to eat our own faces. Those comments get annoying after a while, I’ll reply “if I wanted to shag him, I would have probably done that by now”. Girls and boys can be best friends without the need to be intimate with one another, or in this case, be soul mates. So don’t worry ladies and fellas, we are absolutely on the market.

In my eyes a soul mate is someone you were kind of born to meet and spend your life with. You were meant to have the highs and lows of life together and support each other through them all. He has been there through the absolute lowest of lows with me and me with him, to the highest of highs when we are celebrating something good in life. Like moving out for example, we’ve done this together and it has been the best year I’ve probably ever had (taking that pesky corona into account). Even so we made sure we had fun together, from Ben getting me to watch old West Ham games in football shirts with an abundance of ciders to him taking me pottery painting when I was having a low time.

I can see us when we are older, Ben with his future wife and kids who I will adore and me with my sugar daddy. THAT IS A JOKE. Seriously, I think our families will intertwine and we will go about our lives being there for each other through it all. I decided years ago that Ben will be my ‘Man of Honour’ at my future wedding and I will fight anyone who thinks that it is not right.

Without Ben I wouldn’t have been able to grow in the way I have, he has given me confidence and a reason to get up and laugh every day. No one else in the world can make me laugh so much that I pee on our brand new sofa or living room floor – I told you, I am foul – but he does, I lose the will to breathe sometimes from laughing and to me that is what life is all about. Enjoying everything together, with my bestest friend.

We support each other in our journeys, through heartbreaks and regrets to all of the good times all while letting each other grow as individuals.

That is my idea of a soul mate, literally…your mate. I love you, Benny, I couldn’t do this life without you!

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