World Mental Health Day 2015

Hi hi hi, I never post anymore I am a poop head I’m sorry! I just have so much going on (that’s a complete and utter lie, I’m unemployed, I have nothing to do)

It’s world mental health day, a day close to my little heart. You know me, I’m very open about my mental health, it’s very important to speak about it and keep it alive! The worlds backs should never be turned on the concept of somebodies mental health, keep talking about it and keep looking after each other – pEACE OUT.

I’m not actually done at all, I’ve not even begun! Where is my mental health at I hear you eagerly ask of course?! It’s down the toilet with all the other poop in my life. I’m on the road to recovery, truly, I feel like I’ve been in this position about a million and one times in my life but this time if real recovery isn’t at the end of the tunnel then I might just have to punch myself in the tit.

What’s going on? What am I doing? I’m still on my anti-depressants, although they’ve helped me so, so much I feel it is time to ween myself off of them. My family might not be quite on board with the idea, but I really have the best support system I’ve had in 20 years and it’s time I got off the medication and did it on my own. I will never criticise the power of these anti-depressants however, they’ve been a life saver. The past 10 months I’ve been on them have been amazingly different in some aspects, I’m not sure what state I would be in if I didn’t get put on them in December – I thank science for creating such a thing. They really are a godsend.

I’m also now at an Eating Disorder clinic, with a really lovely lady! She is the best counsellor/practitioner I’ve had, ever. She understands, she’s not lying to me and she wants to help me get better. I went there and she said to me “I promise you, we are not here to fatten you up, to turn you into a sumo wrestler” and the little ana bitch in my head likes to tell me I’m a lump of poo but my practitioner also told me to listen to those who love me, those around me who adore me for who I am and not to listen to the person in my mind wanting to ruin it all for me.

I’m on a 3 meal a day meal plan, hard to stick to but I will get there! I have so much to fight for, I have myself, my family, my friends, my cute little dogs and my wonderful boyfriend. The end of all this is near, true happiness awaits and I can’t wait to reach that point in my life.

Mental health will never die, unfortunately. But as a society we can do all we can to fight it, fighting our own minds is never ideal but to reach happiness and to be content with our lives and ourselves it’s what we must do. Never give up the fight! Show the cocks in your brain who is boss. Take control of your own life!

All the love in the world to anyone fighting, enjoy world mental health day by doing something you love – treat yourself! Remember what there is to love in the world.

x x x


  • whatiknownow

    I'm recovered from Anorexia, and I promise you that it does get better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel – you just have to fight for it. You sound so determined and I really hope you keep fighting because it's worth it. Such a lovely, honest post xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Shannon Glading

    Thank you so much for this comment! Anyone who has recovered to me is a total inspiration, so you leaving this comment has honestly made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Bless you and I hope your journey to happiness continues. All the love xxx

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