X Factor Live Shows – Week 1 80’s Theme

Yes, it’s that time of year again! The X Factor live shows have hit our screens, our Saturday nights finally have a purpose – to sit on our butts, eat some stuff and watch some people sing duh! And this means there is a new weekly topic for me to talk about and for you to read…

Dermot hit the stage with his famous “your Saturday night starts right here” oh Derm, you were not wrong. 
Hannah Barrett kicked off the show, crazy vocals to add to the performances that we’ve seen so far this one was not disappointing. Her vocals are so strong, but she’s at risk of being put on voice rest a lot, will that change the way she performs during the weeks or do you think she will just continue to get better? The only downside was the styling, the outfit was not the best, the tight black leather skirt which restricted movement was a bad call. However, she looks very promising! Oh and Shazza and Louis, SHE IS 17 NOT 16 GUYS. 

 Followed by the wee Scottish lad, Nicholas (he’s cute, if you’re 16…) and although he had no clue who Spandau Ballet were he pulled off their hit ‘True’ very well! 

Miss Dynamix were put together by Gary at boot camp and they really click well together, their vocals weren’t at a high standard but there definitely is room for improvement, you can’t criticise them too much when one is preggers, good on her! 

Sam Bailey, what can you even say? She is effortless, her voice is faultless and there is no way you could even criticise her in anyway possible. She could be in the running to do well all the way through to the final, even at this early stage! But do you think over 25’s ever really have a chance on the X Factor? 
Onto the male Sam…Sam Callahan, SAM CALLAFIT. He’s a good looking boy, no doubt about it. Vocals last night however, not the best on the show! But he’s got the looks, he’s got the charm, that’s good enough for me. 
Here we have a boyband, 5 young boys, a collection of curly hair, Kingsland Road. Typical boyband with the dancing, in my eyes it was a huge cringe alert. You know me, I love me a boyband but they are not tickling my fancy so far. But everyone is a sucker for a boyband on the X Factor but will a boyband ever follow in the footsteps of One Direction? 

Shelley Smith found herself getting the least votes and is immediately in tonights sing off in the new twist that has come about this year, she is a great character and seems like she would be a laugh to be around and she definitely kept with the theme of 80’s. Was she a little too stuck in the 80’s with her vocals though? 
Abi, the niche artist of the series, a very unique voice and she showed it last night as she took it upon herself to play the piano alongside singing. However is she a bit of a risk on the show as she is just so unique, will she be able to sing upbeat songs, or ballads? 
‘The underdog’ Lorna Simpson, she has a great voice and I mean the guys she was performing with were nice to look at too…but will she stay as the underdog? Will she come out and stand out during the series or is she at risk of being in the bottom two tonight, that’s the question I’ve been asking since the show! 
Tamera is so good for 16, I wish I had that talent right now at 18! She does not look 16 in the slightest, I get mistaken for a 12 year old but that is a whole different story. Great vocals. 
He may be called Luke Friend but to me he is simply ‘boy wiv hair’ – let’s not focus purely on the hair even though it’s pretty damn hard not to. He has such a mature voice and I can see him growing on people, I wonder how much his hair has grown since he decided to stop washing it hmmmm. 
Finally, my favourites of the night in every way! Roughcopy, they have mad vocals, mad chemistry and sick style. There is no faulting them whatsoever, they are possible winners for me. 
I think this year is one of the best so far, there is no silly novelty acts it is just pure talent so it’s really quite hard to say who I think will be going tonight but I predict Shelley or Lorna unfortunately. 
So, what did you think of the show and who do you think is at risk of going tonight? Comment below! 

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