X Factor Live Shows – Week 4 Disco Week

Although I don’t think many people follow this as of yet but my apologies for slacking the last 2 weeks, I’ve been busy, too busy to even catch the X Factor! Shelley and Miss Dynamix took the boot over the last couple of weeks, what did you think of that? ANYWAY, it’s time…

V entertaining week I must say, no boring ballads (just some boring performances in general but we’ll get onto that).

Luke Friend opened the show, well after Nile Rodgers and some very disco looking ladies, but yes Luke Friend sung Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry and did it justice! The judges have been describing him as ‘the dark horse’ but I don’t think he’s a dark horse at all, he’s out there and he’s doing good performances and showing talent which is only going to get better! My mum is definitely a fan and that means a lot, if you’ve got the mums votes then you’re sorted. Cool shirt too, well done X Facty stylists you’re doing alright.

Kingsland Road followed and if you read my first post you’d know that I was uncertain but when they were in the sing off the other week they performed really well and my opinion changed, give me a good performance and a blonde boy with a quiff and you’re in my good books (yes Connor that means you, call me). I think their vocals are strong and they gel well together, I just wish they were more free and didn’t restrict themselves with dance moves it’s just not needed in todays industry, we want boybands to be running around and having fun on stage and just going crazy, don’t restrict yourselves!

Okay, someone who has gone down in my ratings is Sam Callahan…I’m just not sure? His voice is for sure not the strongest in the show and I just don’t know how I feel about him. Also, how was a boxing ring relevant to Relight My Fire? I WAS JUST CONFUSED. Sam, I am confused.

To summarise everyone else, Tamera is super good for 16 but is she diverse enough, I’m not sure. Roughcopy were so good, as per, there is no faulting them they are just pure fun. Nicholas is still a cutie and his voice is so good, on point. Hannah is quite shouty…still making my mind up about her! Abi is another one I’m not too sure on, tonight she sat behind that piano and sung as she does every single week, for me she hasn’t got ‘The X  Factor’ but if she was to do her own songs then I’d definitely like her, in the audition stages I was a huge fan but not too much anymore. And finally Sam Bailey, absolutely flawless you cannot criticise her in anyway whatsoever, she is incredible the voice that she has is just mind blowing, DAMN.

So who do you think will be in the bottom 2 tomorrow and who do you think will be gone for good? My prediction is Sam Callahan or Abi.

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