X Factor Live Shows Week 4 – Goodbye to Kingsland Road.

Yes, as you know I have grown quite a soft spot for this boyband, WHAT’S NEW?! But now they have been taken away from the live shows, booooooo! Very gutted about this.

I predicted Sam C and Abi to be in the bottom two tonight but I was wrong, very wrong. Neither were in the bottom two and that left be baffled to the extreme, Tamera and Kingsland Road were left to fight for their place. Two strong acts in my opinion although I think Tamera is pretty much the same in every performance, however they shouldn’t have been in the bottom two, not at all. What do you think about tonights departure? Will you miss Kingsland Road?

I’ll be following Kingsland Road from now on and will hope they don’t just forget about chasing their dream after this knock in their journey. And I just got a paper cut, tonight is not a good night.

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