You Are A Creation.

Last night I came across a photo online, just a photo of a quote and it kind of really hit me hard. It made me think, I’ve slept on it and woken up still thinking about it.

And before I’d seen this picture I’d spent the day doing what I do best – self loathing. Punishing and hating myself for every bit of food I consumed, angry that I’d ‘let myself go’ and ‘looked bigger’, do you know who I say all of this to because I don’t want to say it to anyone else? My mother. 
I’m so mad at my mind for being so cruel and taking away the love I should have for myself, I really wish I had grown up with a self loving mind. 
To me it is common sense to appreciate your parents, they created you after all, they did the deed, your mother spent 9 months carrying you and essentially creating all your tiny little features but then we grow up and get taught by society and by some sort of evilness in our brains that it’s okay to criticise every single thing that was especially made just for you. When you’re saying that you look ugly one day, you don’t tend to think of these things…I sure don’t. That’s bad.
No matter what relationship you have with your parents, they made you, mine made me. We are creations, we should treasure that. We are two peoples amazing little creation, that’s cool right? 
So those things we all hate about ourselves should be banished, I’m ashamed of the world and of science and all that crap that people have to go through the mental pain of destroying a vision which we should love. I’m sad that when we look in the mirror we pick our faults and flaws, but we rarely ever say “I look okay today” – I never do. I’m so sad about that. 
From this moment I’m going to try my hardest to love what I was born with, I am going to love the genes I have inherited from my parents (maybe not my forehead, THANKS DAD, I still love you though) but no, I am going to try my best to really love myself and not be ashamed to admit it. It’s about time I gave my body a break from the mental and physical pain, it’s about time I started to eat things without that little shit in the back of my mind telling me that I should be guilty, it’s about time I realised I’m wearing the same clothes I’ve worn for years and if I’ve put on a tiny bit of weight here or there it’s okay because I’m still in the skin I was lucky to be born in. 
Please, if you’re struggling with your body image and self confidence, first seek help and then remember why you’re on this Earth. Remember that actually, you’re pretty ace and you’re beautiful with flaws and all, because they might be flaws in your eyes but ask your parents because I bet they’ll say you’re the most wonderful thing on the planet. 
Thank you mum and dad, you rule. 


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